“Over the years, we have found the people of LienMaster to be very professional and capable. LienMaster has been successful in protecting our Lien rights, and this has often resulted in the collection of many accounts that might have otherwise gone uncollected.”


“With the help of LienMaster, we feel that our DSO and our bad debt write-off history have been among the lowest in the country.”


“We have utilized LienMaster for over 20 years, and have found the professional service to be a major component and complement to our process of securing our receivables.”


“LienMaster has always provided a prompt turnaround of our architectural accounts receivable while maintaining our customer business relationships.”


“By utilizing the Pre-lien Service of LienMaster, our business units can improve their collections performance, reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and protect themselves against Bad Debt losses.”


“As an attorney, Michael C. Brown is prompt in providing answers to any legal questions we might have regarding the project work. He is well versed in requirements of each state’s Lien’s statutes as well as bond and public filing requirements. MCC/LienMaster has an experienced team that can handle the entire Lien process from Notice, to Lien, to Collection, to Suit, to Recovery. If necessary, their Collection Department will pursue aggressive Collection techniques. And, if needed, they will retain Co-Counsel to file lawsuits in order to efficiently and effectively extract payment. Their fees are very reasonable.”


“LienMaster is the best in the business!”