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Lien Protection Made Simple
(877) 315-6700

LienMaster is a premier Lien protection service in the country.
We have been assisting Creditors with filing Notices, Liens, and Bond Claims in all 50 States and Canada since 1988.
Find out how we can help you today.

LienMaster Lien & Bond Protection Form allows clients to submit Notices & Lien requests quickly & efficiently. Simply plug in as much information as you know & we’ll take it from there.

Calculate Notice & Lien deadlines with this easy to use tool. Forget worrying about the complexities of Lien & Bond requirements & let the LienMaster Calculator do the work for you.

The Lien Digest is the ultimate State-by-State Lien & Bond Law resource. Have a question about a particular state’s deadline or requirements? Look no further than the Lien Digest. Simply register & sign in today to get your one-stop shop of Lien Laws.

Questions about filing a Notice or Lien? Let us show you how we can streamline the entire Lien protection process & save you money at the same time. Associates are available to answer your questions now. Call Toll Free at 216-464-6700

Most States require a Prelim Notice up front for every project. LienMaster specializes in filing Preliminary Notices, Construction Liens, and Bond Claims nationwide. We represent a wide range of creditors who supply materials or labor to the construction industry. Creditors who consistently protect Lien rights are usually paid promptly. Our program is easy, efficient, and economical. Here are some key benefits to using LienMaster:

One Office, One Low Fee

  • One office to deal with, regardless of where your claim is located;
  • One office to answer all your questions in this complex area of construction law;
  • One low fee to file anywhere in the country, i.e., no hourly rates.

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