LienMaster Provides Notice And Lien Services For Construction Creditors


As a creditor who supplies the construction industry with materials or labor, you may have heard the following words from your customer:


Construction Liens and Bond Claims are the proven best way to protect your extension of credit. By reducing your risk of loss, you can increase overall recovery, thereby improving your company’s bottom-line. Creditors who utilize Construction Liens and Bond Claims are the most profitable due to this protection.

Proper use of Liens and Bond Claims provide you with these important advantages:

  1. Speed the collection process by motivating all parties in the construction chain to pay within terms, rather than 60-120 days.
  2. Other sources from which to satisfy your claim if your customer fails to pay.
  3. Priority status in a bankruptcy.

Each state has its own particular laws governing the filing and enforcement of Liens and Bond Claims, therefore, compliance with the laws can be very complicated and costly. A claim that is filed incorrectly or late will not provide any protection.

THE LienMaster® SYSTEM

The LienMaster System enables you to simplify and streamline the entire Lien and Bond Claim process. The System is easy, efficient, and economical.

  1. One office to oversee all your Preliminary Notices, Construction Liens and Bond Claims.
  2. One office to respond to all your needs.
  3. LienMaster selects all counsel who specialize in construction law. All counsel are carefully selected on your behalf by LienMaster.
  4. LienMaster’s monitoring service provides direct notification of crucial expiration dates.
  5. We provide express service provided at no extra charge.


In order to file a Preliminary Notice, Construction Lien or Bond Claim, anywhere in the country, simply provide LienMaster with the basic information on the Placement Form. From that point on, LienMaster will take care of everything to ensure your rights are quickly and properly secured.

  1. You will receive an acknowledgment letter for your file by clicking on the “Lien & Bond Protection Form” button on the left.
  2. LienMaster will review the information provided by the creditor in order to determine the best course of action. If appropriate, LienMaster will retain counsel who will protect your rights.
  3. LienMaster will oversee the preparation of necessary documents, their filing and service in order to comply with the laws of the state where the construction site is located. The efficiency of our services is directly dependent upon our timely receipt of completely valid information from you.
  4. You will receive confirmation from our office as soon as your claim has been filed. A copy of the document will be sent to you, along with an invoice.
  5. You will also receive helpful advice, including pertinent deadlines necessary to enforce your claim. LienMaster will provide any information we may have on your debtor account, as well as some possible solutions.
  6. LienMaster will continue to monitor the file to keep you advised of your rights.
  7. LienMaster, based upon its knowledge and evidence, is often able to provide additional information.